With An Eye Toward Open Windows

Anyone who actually knows me or follows a profile of mine on some sort of interweb platform is already almost assuredly aware that I now work for Janrain. I’ve been here over a month, but it seems like even longer (in a good way!), and it’s pretty great so far. I’ll check in and leave an update after a few more months, but I am honestly enjoying the work, respecting the product, and digging the people.

It has come to my attention that JESS3 seems to be… well… or really to no longer be, or maybe to be, but I’m not really sure, and don’t feel the need to be honestly.

I thought this would be a good time to post a message for young aspiring leaders of teams out there; a few pro tips and thoughts from my tenure.

1. My teammates at JESS3 were, by and large, some of the most thoughtful, hardest working, and most talented creatives I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The diaspora of talent is something I could not be happier to be connected to. And as one of the ‘older’ members of the crew I hope to rely on the talents of my friends to support me in my old age when they’re all in charge of massive projects and budgets somewhere. ;) Don’t forget me when you’re famous, guys.

2. Small creative agencies are inherently volatile businesses. It is exceedingly difficult to maintain and grow this type of business – where you are tasked with creating the next big new thing, and your clients are incentivized to try new things from other sources.

3. A good leader can hold a team together. A good team will hold together in spite of a bad leader. But a good team that is ready to disband cannot be held together by a bad leader.


Ladies & Gentlemen, Your Linkedin Passwords

Ever since I read about the LinkedIn Password breach I couldn’t stop thinking that there was a blog post in it. Yesterday I figured it out and set the JESS3 team to help me with it. We dug through the Leakedin.org tool for checking whether your password was in the set of compromised ones and sought out the goofiest, most inappropriate and funniest passwords we could find — that someone actually used. My favorite was “junkinthetrunk”. What’s yours?

Read the full list of our favorite LinkedIn passwords on the JESS3 blog >>

The Simple Web and the Late Majority Internet

I put together this deck for a presentation at WebVisions PDX last week and it turned out better than I had hoped. Take it for a spin – there are some great messages and images. Of course it’s lacking the dulcet tones of my voice slowly whispering the secrets of the internet into your good ear.