Google Media Player what I want now that Eric Schmidt is off the Apple board of directors.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s co-founder and CEO, and also member of Apple’s board of directors until very recently, has just stepped down from Apple’s board. There are all kinds of investigations being talked about, and news is coming out about a tit-for-tat agreement between Google and Apple not to directly poach each others’ employees (which would be, by the way, a violation of all kinds of legal thingamajiggers).

And while that’s all well and good, I’m hoping to get a little bit more out of this break-up. Google is the king of entering other people’s markets, especially when they’re getting stagnant and lazy and not opening up properly. Google Docs, Gmail, etc. So, there’s a little piece of my brain, way in the back of my head somewhere, that is hoping that now that Apple and Google are splittsville we may be looking forward to a Google Media Player.

iTunes is fine, but it’s not the end all, be all that some people think. It just happens to be the best thing available right now. Unfortunately it’s tied to the iPod. Sure, I own an iPod, but if someone could come along and make something even close to as good that’s more open than the iPod, I’d jump on it in a second.

There’s a wave of announcements and denouncements recently of high profile people like Jason Calacanis and Mike Arrington giving up their Apple addictions because of the closed nature of the platform. A Google media player that allowed any portable media device to sync would be awesome. Oooh… and maybe they’d have a default offer to buy tunes through the Amazon mp3 store or other non-iTunes services…

And a solid media player offering that meshed well and optimized with Android wouldn’t hurt either.

I may be dreaming, but it sure would be nice.

Transactive Web Memory: Outsourcing Our Brains to the Interwebs

Wikipedia defines Transactive Memory as:

…the process whereby people remember things in relationships and groups. Each person does not need to remember everything the group needs to know, after all, if each person merely stores in memory information about who is likely to have a particular item in the future. This capacity for remembering who knows what is the key to transactive memory…

Now that the internet has become such a deeply ingrained part of our daily lives, are we different? Who are we? And where are we going? Continue reading

Twitter’s (almost) Business Model

There has been much debate about Twitter revolving around opinions that it lacks a reason for being, revenue, business model, and ultimate fiscal viability. And yet some really really smart, really really rich VC investors not only dumped an additional $35 million into it, but then proceeded to laugh at the lack of a business model. But things are about to change, there’s a whole new PPC marketplace coming down the road, and there’s a long long tail of Twitter revenue out there for the taking. Continue reading

Wolfram Alpha: The next Google killer (that also won’t work)

Wolfram Alpha. The next Google killer. The guest blogger at TechCrunch says, and I quote verbatim, “OMG!! PONIES!!1!!” So, y’know… Ponies it must be.

OK. Computational knowledge. Cool.

Cellular Automata. Cool.

But we’re missing a couple of major points that I think will help to put this in perspective. Continue reading