Snackable Content – Desiging for Social Media

Ever late to my own party, I wanted to post the deck that Jesse and I presented at the Nonick Conference in Bilbao a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s the blog post about it on the JESS3 blog.

It’s already over 14,000 views in 6 days since it went live, and I’m proud of it. It’s always tough to tackle an abstract subject like encouraging better thinking about how to create interactive and shareable experiences online and through social platforms, and even more so when most of the audience speaks English as a second language. This presentation was extremely well received, and I hope to continue spreading these ideas into the future… starting now, with this embed! :)

As always – love to hear your feedback. Try me here: @supnah on Twitter.

The World of Social Objects

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Joe Hewitt, Meta Developer – Leaving Facebook

Joe Hewitt leaving Facebook may be one of the best things to happen to HTML5 in a long time. He’s taking off to return to his roots (as in Firebug) in order to focus on solving problems for developers working with the nascent and developing languages like HTML5, the cloud and mobile.

“Technologies have a way of growing faster than the ecosystem of tools needed to support them.” – Joe

I have no doubt that in this role as a meta developer, a developer developing for developers, Joe Hewitt will have a significant and sustained impact on helping new platforms be used to their fullest extent. It’s a lofty goal. Good on ya. Here’s to not just making a great app, but making tools that help an army of others make a volume of great apps – for all of us.

Good luck, Joe.

Color Me In – Let’s See Where This Goes

Color, the new geo-social-media-sharing app is being underrated by all the haters. I’m all for some good hilarious snark like the much lauded review of the app on iTunes. But we’re all forgetting that just because something does happen to contain all of the hottest trends and social elements doesn’t mean it doesn’t also have some really interesting stuff going on.

The most recent TWiT had a pretty even-keeled discussion of Color by Leo Laporte, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Xeni Jardin and Baratunde Thurston that managed not to totally pan the app, but couldn’t foresee many applicable use cases. Kirkpatrick brought up the idea of music festivals as somewhere it might become useful, and all could agree that nobody knew what the hell Twitter would be good for either when it first hit, and also that there’s a high likelihood that Color is going to have a serious data mining aspect that leads to revenue tucked somewhere into its back end in order to take advantage of the data all the prophesied users are going to be pumping into it.

Here’s the thing – I don’t think it’s all that hard to see the potential utility of this app. Continue reading

Matt The Electrician Kickstarter – Support Now!

I bet you keep saying to yourselves that you want to get in on that whole new Kickstarter trend where artists and makers of all types crowdsource the funding of their projects. Sometimes they’re projects that would never otherwise be made, but other times this becomes an investment/lending strategy that alleviates a lot of the pain for smaller and independent artists (like Matt the Electrician).

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YouTube Playlist – Fun For Playing at Parties

I realized that with Google TV a great thing to do for the ambiance at parties is to create a YouTube Playlist to play in the background with the sound off. Sometimes it was fun to have old movies playing or something else, but this is something new and fun I’m going to try soon. I hope there aren’t too many banner ads…

You can feel free to use this too – I think you have to embed it somewhere to make sure that it plays in full screen all the way through. I tried playing straight from within the YouTube interface, but it kept kicking me out of full screen between each video, so if you make one you may have to post your somewhere like this.

You Can Be Uncool And Successful @ Social Media

Jay Baer (Twitter) just posted a new article predicting the emergence of social media losers. The idea that social media right now is like pee wee soccer where everyone gets a trophy just for showing up and trying to kick the ball. However, as the space and the audiences mature some of the companies engaging and investing in social media will emerge as winners and some will emerge as losers.

In general he makes a good point, but I think that something is missed. Baer says: Continue reading

Craplogo – the supnah edition

I couldn’t resist. I just had to see what my logo would look like if I’d paid hundreds of thousands of dollars (at minimum) to some big branding agency to remake me…

Wow. That’s just great. You can go here to crap up your own logo if you want! >>

Read here for more information about what this is all about:

Google Chat Adoption Anecdote

This is the first time this has happened to me:

I’ve had lots of friends available on chat for a long time, but this is the first time there were many available, and all had video chat enabled. Google’s push for increased adoption perhaps along with the need to install video chat to use the “call within Gmail” feature that was recently introduced may be driving this. But whatever the cause, it’s pretty cool.

Kiss your phone numbers goodbye… sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Angry Cows Prove Gmail Calling & Google Voice Useful

Google recently introduced free calling from within Gmail – allowing users (in the U.S. at least) to call domestically for free, and call internationally for very cheap. Here’s why this is interesting:
• It’s a play at Skype and “SkypeOut” – their VoIP to phone service. Google is trying to get the huge user base of Gmail accustomed to chatting, video chatting, and even making phone calls through Gmail.
• It’s defense against Facebook whose chat services are being adopted and used a ton by Facebook users (i.e. everyone). You’d also better believe that Facebook is going to continue to improve its messaging feature, which one day may rival full feature email services like Gmail.
• This is the beginning of the end of phone numbers as we know them.

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