The Most Interesting Thing Ever

And you can’t see it. What if that most interesting thing ever were the internet, or whatever it is that you were trying to find on the internet today? This censorship would be the reality.

SOPA and PIPA are two bills made by old congressmen who don’t understand young technologies. Lots of money has been thrown at them by special interests who are trying to make money by limiting access to information. That’s anti-American. If you think the government has no place telling you what you’re allowed to read, see or think, then you should be aware that these bills are an audacious and insane over-reach of power.

Here are some places where you can find more information about them and other sites supporting the SOPA/PIPA blackout and awareness day today:

Introducing The Slicing Fee, For Bread Lovers

A disconcerting trend has begun to pop up of late. Perhaps it’s only here in the confines of the locavoracious organic farm-to-table obsessed Portland in this not so hot economy, but many restaurants have begun to charge for bread. Sure, it’s only a few dollars. Sure, they try to ease the pain of ordering your bread by including a small ramekin of extremely well described olive oil, or a small pat of some very special kind of butter, but let’s not fool ourselves. It’s not that special; at least not usually. What’s worse, is that at first I saw it only with really good bread, but now I’m beginning to see it occur when the bread is mediocre or worse.

I’ve been taking this in stride, and with every grain of salt that has been necessary to make it palatable, but this week it was all taken too far when @deecreature and I were at a restaurant that simply did not serve bread. At all. (Note: They were not gluten free, and served an amuse bouche on crostini… so clearly it’s not something about the bread itself).

Therefore I present to the world the concept of The Slicing Fee (time of birth 7:19pm PST, 05/06/2011). Continue reading

Walking Around The Fish Market

Walking around the fish market in Santa Caterina Market, Barcelona, Spain. The variety and availability of such fruits from the sea is impressive. It made me wish I had the time and the kitchen in town to buy some of these things to prepare, but such was not the case for this journey.

Go full screen and 720 HD for any amount of detail. The lighting is better after turning the first corner.

Michael Pollan Back In At Washington State University

Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, was pulled from Washington State University’s Freshman reading list a day or two ago due to pressure from agribusiness. Once again showing that transparency is the best policy, and that bullying is not, a day later it looks like the book has been reinstated due to the outcry by the general public and alumni.

Here’s an email below from the Food Democracy now listserve: Continue reading