Who Needs To Step Down In Oregon?

After a terrible rollout from which the .gov site is improving at last, the official in charge of the rollout is stepping down.

My only question is, who needs to step down in Oregon? Who was responsible in Oregon? Who can be held responsible for selecting Oracle instead of one of the myriad capable young and growing dev businesses right here in our own state?

And how can we make sure that IT management in the state government does not allow people without understanding of the process to make these decisions, or be tasked with these responsibilities in the future.

The roll of IT and infrastructure in government is only going to increase over time, and we cannot afford to squander state money that should be going to services. Nor can we afford to squander the time that is wasted as services are delayed or kept less accessible for citizens. This is why a stink needs to be made about this botched rollout. So get your pitchforks out. And sharpen them.

Original story > http://www.politico.com/story/2013/12/healthcaregov-rollout-official-steps-down-101607.html?hp=t3_3


Last night I attended SHARE #19, a creative night that occurs every couple of months here in PDX put on by friends. A prompt is given, and then you get two hours to make something – anything – inspired by that prompt. The prompt last night was “Manufactured,” but that only made me think of the negative aspects (for those two hours as least), and I ended up creating a Google Presentation as my work. As the name of the event indicates, it’s meant to be shared. So here it is – “MANUFRACTURED” (and here’s a link to it on Slideshare, in case that’s your poison).

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your Linkedin Passwords

Ever since I read about the LinkedIn Password breach I couldn’t stop thinking that there was a blog post in it. Yesterday I figured it out and set the JESS3 team to help me with it. We dug through the Leakedin.org tool for checking whether your password was in the set of compromised ones and sought out the goofiest, most inappropriate and funniest passwords we could find — that someone actually used. My favorite was “junkinthetrunk”. What’s yours?

Read the full list of our favorite LinkedIn passwords on the JESS3 blog >>

The Most Interesting Thing Ever

And you can’t see it. What if that most interesting thing ever were the internet, or whatever it is that you were trying to find on the internet today? This censorship would be the reality.

SOPA and PIPA are two bills made by old congressmen who don’t understand young technologies. Lots of money has been thrown at them by special interests who are trying to make money by limiting access to information. That’s anti-American. If you think the government has no place telling you what you’re allowed to read, see or think, then you should be aware that these bills are an audacious and insane over-reach of power.

Here are some places where you can find more information about them and other sites supporting the SOPA/PIPA blackout and awareness day today:

This Efficiency Is Killing Me

Efficiency (noun) \i-ˈfi-shən-sē\

(1) : effective operation as measured by a comparison of production with cost (as in energy, time, and money)

(2) : the ratio of the useful energy delivered by a dynamic system to the energy supplied to it

(from Mirriam-Webster’s)

Has modern efficiency created the capability to attain levels of perfectionism such that their attainment leads to more hours working than had we not been enabled by the efficiencies to begin with? And is attention to detail in a world of intricacies a new form of artisanship or just the new tediousness of production line work? Continue reading

Craplogo – the supnah edition

I couldn’t resist. I just had to see what my logo would look like if I’d paid hundreds of thousands of dollars (at minimum) to some big branding agency to remake me…

Wow. That’s just great. You can go here to crap up your own logo if you want! >> Craplogo.me

Read here for more information about what this is all about:

Angry Cows vs. HTC (hint: HTC wins… kinda)

I am here to tell you how angry cows proved 1) that the HTC Incredible is built pretty damned well, and 2) that the new features of Google Voice and calling from within Gmail completely useful and disruptive of the traditional relationship between customers and mobile telephone service providers. For more details about those telephony features and their disruptive nature, check out my earlier post about Google’s disruptive telephony features, but this one is all about the angry cows…

Last weekend I went to a wedding in Bend, OR and decided to stop and do some fishing at Black Butte on the way back to Portland. Unfortunately, the herd of free range cattle that sometimes graze there were out, and I didn’t notice them at first as they were in the distance and around the corner from some trees and brush that blocked the view. My girlfriend and I were on a small outcropping of land into an area where the stream widens out quite a bit when the herd came around the corner. They were all business with bulls out front – ears and eyes up, horns sharp. We were already boxed in at this point – the bulls were past us and drinking at the water’s edge downstream from us. The rest of the herd was upstream from us blocking the path back to the stairway that runs over the fence.

Continue reading

How to Unsubscribe From the Bend Ultimate Listserve in 4 Easy Steps

Unsubscribing is easy. In order to keep our listserve from being spammed by all these requests to be taken off, I thought it would be a good idea to put up a nice little tutorial on how to take yourself off the list. I can only hope that from now on, anyone who asks the list to be removed will receive a deluge of links to this page…  Ahh… what a world that would be.  On to the business at hand. Continue reading