Eloqua Interactive Content Grid is Live!

The Eloqua Interactive Content Grid, which was one of the final interactive projects I worked on while with my former agency, has just gone live on the Eloqua site.

You can input information about your own marketing and business and it will crunch the answers and output some information about you, and some tips for you. Give it a shot – it turned out really well. http://contentgrid.eloqua.com/

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 2.11.21 PM

5 thoughts on “Eloqua Interactive Content Grid is Live!

  1. Hi,

    Just curious if you had any screenshots of all the steps. I remember going through it but was looking to draw some inspiration from the design.

  2. Sorry, Tamar. This post is from 2013 and at the present time the Content Grid is no longer up and running. I helped create and design it for Eloqua when I was working for a creative agency, but the decision to take down the content grid was made by Eloqua at some point in the last couple of years. Sorry to disappoint!

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