Matt The Electrician Kickstarter – Support Now!

I bet you keep saying to yourselves that you want to get in on that whole new Kickstarter trend where artists and makers of all types crowdsource the funding of their projects. Sometimes they’re projects that would never otherwise be made, but other times this becomes an investment/lending strategy that alleviates a lot of the pain for smaller and independent artists (like Matt the Electrician).

Matt the Electrician is awesome. I’ve seen him live several times, and it’s great every time. He’s making a new album, and without Kickstarter he’d probably have to put a lot of the costs on less advantageous funding sources like credit cards. Bad. But with Kickstarter people can basically pledge to pay for their albums ahead of time, thereby funding the music they want to hear without forcing the artist to take on debt to get it done in the first place, which ends up making a good portion of the proceeds from selling the work go towards paying down accrued interest. Bad.

Matt the Electrician is also great because his Kickstarter application involves his whole family, and tells a story that uses his very music as the soundtrack. Check out Matt’s Kickstarter video to see what I mean. This is a great way to make your potential supporters feel like they’re really helping – not just the art, and not just the person, but the family that they now feel connected to, and that their contributions are really making an impact.

So check out the video at the very least, and maybe chip in a little!

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