Proof Of Google’s Personality

A lot of people say that Google has no personality – that it’s all engineering and no sense of social or relationships or interpersonal structures. However, here is a small bit of proof that at least a few people within Google might ‘get it’. When you create a text message in Google Voice’s web app it gives you a countdown of free characters from the standard 160. And if you use more than 160 it gives you another countdown from 2.160 (2 = 2nd text message, 160 = character count for the second message).

But what it says when you get to the third message is the fun part. By the way, the content of this text was typed as filler, so don’t worry about reading anything into it, and the reason I noticed this was yes, because I started writing a short text message that quickly became multi-faceted, and then said screw it and just typed like it was an email for a little bit. :)

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