A shirt, found again


This is the second time I’ve found this shirt. The first time was in Cincinnati in 1995 when I graduated from highschool and some friends and I wanted to wear aloha shirts to commemorate our “never having to go through this again.” I’ve worn it occasionally since then,and it has remained a favorite if not oft chosen garment since that time.

Today while wading through random racks of vintage clothing some 15 years later in a city half a continent away I’ve spotted this same gem a second time, reminding me that all is not unique. That idea you had has been had before; is being had right now likely, by one, if not several others.

Keep it close to your heart – your idea is not sacred, but your follow-up and execution may be. Cheers. And good shirt hunting to you!

PS – apparently it has appreciated by 7 dollars… Score.

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