Shiva is Sending Me Downstream to Portland

Well, it’s that time again. It seems like every time a friend of mine gets married in Milwaukee Shiva the Destroyer reveals himself to me, casting my life into the kind of chaos and disarray from which great things can emerge.

ChrisA couple of years ago my friend Chris got married in Milwaukee. I moved to Bend less than a week before that wedding to start working for Global Strategies Int’l – an Ogilvy Company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and social media integration for enterprise companies. It’s been great there. I learned an immense amount and had some stellar experiences with some stellar people. A few highlights:

  • Making fun of Paul Henry
  • PBRs on select Friday afternoons
  • Gold stars and sticks to the eye
  • Xtranormal goodness

Cisco - DownstreamNow my friend Jeff is getting married soon, again in Milwaukee, and I’ll be moving to Portland where I’ve accepted a job with Downstream – an agency in Portland, OR that works in the crossroads of design, content and technology. They design spaces, rooms, buildings… spatial experiences. Just when everyone I know is finally starting to understand what my last job is, I have to go and change it up to something completely new and equally hard to understand.

I’m really excited to start this new position, especially because it’s a start-to-finish gig… that is, we are hired to have the ideas, refine the ideas, and then build the ideas. Having designers, fabricators and code warriors in the same office is something I’m really looking forward to.

To all my Bend friends: Thanks. Seriously. I’ll try not to be a stranger, and hopefully I’ll see you in Portland.

To all my GSI friends: Good luck. I hope that I can be your Shiva as well, and that whatever chaos and disorder I leave behind are opportunities to continue the growth – both personal and corporate – that I have had the pleasure to participate in up to this point. And enjoy this meeting that goes very well.

To all my Portland friends: See you soon in Portland.

To all my other friends: Come and visit.

just one reason why you should visit


One thought on “Shiva is Sending Me Downstream to Portland

  1. We will miss you so much Brad! Luckily you are not moving too far away. Looking at the Pic of “Welcome To Oregon” makes me smile – Portland’s a fantastic town and you will thrive there fo sho!

    Best of luck on your new adventures!

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