The Most Awesomest Thing Ever

What is “The Most Awesomest Thing Ever?” If you’re asking the Big question… well it’s a tough one… but if you’re asking about what the web meme is, well that’s easier to answer. It is a super awesome web site built to crowdsource the answer to that very big question and determine the most awesomest thing ever.


My last post was about the phenomenon of Chatroulette and how it was breaking internet norms and turning every user into a producer just by its very nature. Well,The Most Awesomest Thing Ever is an awesome step in the same direction.

At first glance it’s a “Hot or Not,” vote on which of two things is better clone type web site. But its genius lies in its involvement of the community to propagate the creation and ranking of new content. The site shows you a screen with two items – one versus the other, and whichever you click on wins the battle with awesome explosions and sound effects that make you want to click just for the fun of it. But each item also has an image associated with it, as well as a link to a wikipedia article about it.

At the top of the screen you can find the option to “Suggest Awesomeness.” You can submit new items to join the fray and be served up next to other items to be judged by the masses. You can title the item however you want, but you must link it to a Wikipedia article that describes it, and also link to a photo from either Wikipedia or Wikimedia. By limiting the submissions to media from these sites the creators can rest assured that there is no copyright infringement on The Most Awesomest Thing Ever – an elegant and awesome solution to that common problem. Then the submission goes through some kind of manual review before being added to the database of contestants.

These submissions are then thrown together – apparently randomly, and as users click on one over the other, each acquires a win-loss record. A simple leader board – again accompanied by awesome sound effects – tells who the current king of the hill is. Right now, for example at the time of publication the Internet is winning with a nap coming in at a very close second. Damned if that’s not about how I feel right now!


Ninjas – the stalwarts of internet memes hanging on for the time being in 10th place, and “Lightsaber (Real)” making an awesome showing.

Here are some other favorite juxtapositions I encountered:

Micromachines vs. The Bridges of Madison County

Probably my favorite – Cornhole vs. Barry Manilow… somehow I can’t imagine it’s the first time those two terms have met in one sentence.

For the record I voted for Barry. Apparently I’m in the minority… Barry’s down 387 – 908.

Check it out for yourself. You’ll lose some time and have some fun, and take part in the creation of content that others will enjoy as well.

Kudos to the creators of this site. It’s aesthetics, user interface, and the elegance of its functionality are hopefully a sign of what’s to come.

This post was originally published at The Faster Times

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