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Things are slightly dead here – I know. Not quite a ghost town, but still… I’ve started blogging in “The Web” section of Come see me there as well. :)


Here’s the beginning of their mission statement:

The print newspaper is in trouble. A lot of journalists joke about it. We don’t think it’s funny. Most of the writers and editors at The Faster Times have written for a print newspaper. They were our livelihoods, but they were also much more than our livelihoods. They were a way of pushing back the chaos of the modern world. Things happened, and the next day you could read about those things in your morning paper. The orderliness might have been an illusion, but it was a comforting illusion.

Time is always fast, but some times are faster than others. For American journalism, these are faster times.

Read the rest of the TheFasterTimes mission statement (go to the bottom of the page).

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