Twitter is a Search Engine

Twitter is a Real Time Capable Social Search Engine.

Here’s a little piece that was part of another Twitter related blog post of mine, but it’s important, and I think it was getting lost behind the rest of the post.

Real Time Capable Interactive Social Search

Of course if you’re looking for in-depth help or information about complex issues you will not receive 140 character tweets that contain complete dissertations or conclusions about the topics you are interested in, but if you are interested in finding out about a subject, then the Tweets can serve as trailheads. They often link to more substantial articles or point you in a direction to make your research much more efficient, like an interactive social search engine that can cover real time Q&A without the limitations of brand new information needing to be indexed by the search engines before it can be returned to the searcher. In breaking news situations – local or international in scale – the value of this feature cannot be overstated.

And this is valuable no matter who you are:

  • Mother of two interested in organic and local products in your area
  • Professional web developer looking for a community to quickly ask questions to
  • Anyone interested in keeping on top of trends or news feeds on almost any topic (tech, econ, politics, news, recipes…)

So… the conversation to have, in my opinion, isn’t “Why should I use Twitter, and how would using Twitter help me,” it’s simply, “Can you be bothered enough to put some good stuff in so that you can get some good stuff out?”

How to do that… well… that’s a whole ‘nother ball of kittens.

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